Born in Norfolk County Virginia,  Ace has been involved with music since making his first instrument, a shoe box tailored to fit rubber bands to create a stringed instrument at age nine.  The sounds of musical instruments have always been quite a fascination, even as a toddler, hearing steel drums for the first time at the drive in movie with elders watching the movie “Island in the sun”.  Once and a while, the sound of steel would pop up on some television show, movie, or on radio and would never be forgotten. Self taught, with insight from trained musicians helped to gain more musical knowledge without formal music education, mostly relying on intuition & music as a hearing art.  Inspired by Stevie Wonder’s ability to create multiple tracks, Ace started on a journey to hear himself playing on different tracks which led to playing all tracks on his own backup music.  The fascination of different instrument textures evolved into a thirst for creating flavor & atmosphere  blending with live steel drum, which is the main goal of Ace Tropic, to lift your spirit, even as you converse with family, friends, colleagues & associates.  So bring the festive ambiance of this performer & his Tropical/Caribbean/Soul music to life at your next function.  Throughout San Diego,  for  weddings, fairs, festivals, corporate events, grand openings & private parties,  Ace Tropic is suitable for any occasion.